Nygaard, Norway

Nygaard, Norway 150 150 althaf nawshad

“Absolutely super”

We are well back and the trip was absolutely super. The trip was perfectly laid out and everything worked excellent! There was a nice balance of sightseeing and the children. Experiences were superb. We also had a trip to Lion Cliff, and followed your advice to stop at the lions feet with the children. So, we changed adults to go to the last part and it was well worth the trip. We had a terrific and very nice guide and a good driver. The hotel in Sigiriya was very nice and the service very good. Sophia was unwell so we did not take the chance to eat elsewhere but the hotel had delicious food so it worked fine.When we were there we were at the end of one, and at the beginning of another rain season, but although it was not very hot we were lucky with the weather. It was sunny while we were outside and raining when we were sitting in the car, or in the evening when we came back to the hotel. It was in due course perfect weather for sightseeing. The drive from Sigiriya to Balapitiya was a bit long, but we tried to entertain the kids the best we could. Despite fine roads, there are a lot of heavy vehicles and slow tuk-tuks that caused some uneven driving, but well on the highway everything went very well. The beach hotel was a wonderful hotel with lovely beachfront location. There were too big waves so we could not swim in the sea, but we were the only guests in the hotel all 4 days So we had all an excellent time by the pool. The service was absolutely amazing! Both Sophia and I were celebrated with cake and song. Just thought Sophia would have a cake or something, but they had really made an incredible effort and decorated the dining room with banners, ribbons, flowers, balloons, crowns and presents. We can recommend both hotels, programs and guides. Thank you very much for the wonderful trip.