Sustainability matters. For the last several years, climate change is a reality staring us in the face. Across the world, rising sea levels, dying ecosystems, carbon emissions and more are issues that can no longer be swept under the carpet. They are affecting generations, past and present. It can only worsen for the ones to come. As a travel company and as travellers ourselves, we have a responsibility and commitment towards the world around us.


The need of the hour is an unwavering focus on sustainability, and to find and adopt best practices for sustainability. It means adopting responsible travel practices, looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, adopting clean energy practices, while ensuring we continue to travel as joyously as always. In a world that has been deeply affected by a global pandemic, all this assumes an even greater significance. We need to safeguard the only planet we have while ensuring we live and travel safely.


The ways to do this are many: support the local economies in a place, say no to plastic wherever possible, encourage the use of eco-friendly products, slow-travel and spend more time in a place, stay in hotels that prioritise safeguarding the environment in small and big ways and practice recycling. It starts with internalising and adopting the ethics connected with a sustainable way of life by each person. At Authentcities, we have begun that journey.

Protecting Cultures

There are two sides of the coin: we are keen to showcase local cultures in their unadulterated, pure forms, but the flip side is that over-tourism can have an adverse impact on the fragile ecosystem of cultures and natural environments.


In view of this, we have always taken the utmost care to showcase our culture in such a manner that we do not cross any line and go into the realm of over-exposure. The regional experts who play a primary role in this aspect, also adhere to the same philosophy. To sum it up, our resolve to adopt sustainable tourism as the path we would like to walk on, is a very strong one.

Saving The Planet

The future is now. Now, more than ever before has it become imperative to save the planet. We are committed to the cause. The world over, in places that were once intact, the negative effects of mass tourism are being felt. The latter is one of the biggest reasons behind the degradation of a place. Being aware of these aspects, at Authenticities we are conscious of not only how our tailor-made travel is designed, but also how consumers, have their priorities right, and are equally committed to saving the planet.

We say no to plastic!

Since our inception, we had been responsible for using over 160,000 single-use plastic bottles a year on travels. Although we were coherently aware of this malpractice, the solution to finding alternatives were somewhat challenging.


Since the fall of 2018 we took the initiative to discontinue all single-use plastic bottles and instead replace them with reusable 20 litre water dispensers, where we started using a pump to refill the insulated stainless-steel water bottles for our travellers. This is an initiative we have genuinely felt good about, and it has been equally appreciated and endorsed by our partners world-wide.

Solar energy for the long run

Solar energy is known for its incomparable environmental value. Robert Swan (the first person to walk to both Poles) once said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”


Half of the energy consumption at The “La Forteresse“ the office premises of Authenticities is powered by solar energy. We are thus a few steps closer to reducing our carbon footprint. We are aware that this barely scratches the surface, but we believe a person could walk over the highest mountain by taking one step at a time. Every step counts.

Fresh Air

We stand for the love of green!

Change starts from within. In addition to creating awareness amongst guides, suppliers and partners on how to implement best practices to limit their ecological footprint, at Authenticities, we take it upon ourselves to practice what we preach. Our teamwork approach ensures we deploy the most modern energy-efficient fleet of vehicles.


Furthermore, we carefully procure and propose resorts and hotels that support green initiatives as a policy for our valued travelers. This means whether they adopt methods to reduce waste, invest in renewable energy practices and encourage the reuse of resources and recycling wherever it is possible.  We also inspire and challenge our staff to present their initiatives on green building as a part of our training workshops.