Do Good And Give Back

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” – Mother Teresa 

One of the best feelings in the world is giving. Positive energy is contagious. One act of kindness can inspire another, in turn several others, to go out and plant seeds of happiness through giving. Your greatest gift is the ability to share your blessings. It is what makes life meaningful.

This assumes an even greater significance when one travels and is able to spread this goodness. Over the last several months, our desire to do good has been further reinforced & when you travel, make it matter.

If you feel that this ethos resonates with you, then the travel ideas that we propose are for you.

Maybe you have thought of giving back to society, and you could do it as you travel. Here are some ideas:  working with marginalised communities, conservation of endangered animals, volunteering in local villages, distributing dry rations, Or even the simple thought of ensuring your trip is sustainable, can go a long way in empathising with our cause.

While you’re dreaming of your future travels, do not forget to envisage a trip to Sri Lanka with Authenticities. Not only do we deliver curated private experiences that are emotionally rich, conceptually sound and insightful, but we also have a wonderful program for our “Do Good” travellers!!


How can you help?

#CONNECT is a private philanthropy initiative by Authenticities, helping to sponsor education in remote parts of rural Sri Lanka. With a one-time donation of US $ 75, you can sponsor a young child for one full academic year. As part of your travel itinerary, Authenticities will take you to meet the child you have sponsored and also visit the rural school they attend.

Do keep in mind that if you haven’t selected your travel destination yet, please speak to your travel consultant who will get in touch with Authenticities and we will figure out your own curated itinerary.


Our Proposed Methodology

1. Identify rural primary schools, through our regional staff.
2. Liaise with the Principals and obtain details of the most deserving children. Our regional staff will visit the family to authenticate and select the most deserving children, taking into consideration the income levels of the family.
3. Priority will be given to children with learning disabilities or those who may have lost one or both parents.
4. As part of the selection process, our regional staff goes a step further to verify the information from different sources before finalising the recipient.
5. They propose a recipient list based on priority.
6. Authenticities will further support them on individual scholarship funds through our “Connect” initiative.
7. A periodic review and a progress report of the child/ children will be sent to the donors.
8. Formulate success stories later on.
9. We will facilitate the opening of bank accounts for the family and donors can transfer funds directly to these accounts.